Testicular Biobsy

Testicular Biopsy Service

Testicular Biopsy Service

Dr. Ashraf Sabry uses latest worldwide medical standards and state of the art instruments to get fast and accurate results with highest success rates.

In certain conditions the semen analysis shows that it contains zero sperms a condition called azoospermia, this can be either functional meaning that the testes has a problem to produce sperm or obstruction meaning that the testes can produce sperm but there is a problem with ducts that carry the sperms outside.

We perform a safe operation which allows taking a biopsy from the testes itself through the scrotum either by a fine needle through the scrotal skin and into the testes or by opening the scrotal skin and exposing the testes and taking small biopsies from it.  This allows us to search for sperm and also to diagnose possible disease which resulted in azoospermia.

Author: DrAshrafSabry

Fertility, Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultant.