Baby preparation

Labor bag preparation
  • A baby sleeping crib with a blanket
  • Baby walking stroller
  • Easy to wear going out outfit (better with buttons from top to bottom or two pieces)
  • Cotton hats for the summer sun or winter cold
  • Gloves to protect the face from involuntary hand movements
  • Soft socks and shoes. Try to choose a material that does not cause allergy to the baby
  • Under wear, Food covers
  • Diaper changing: foldable plastic pad for changing outside the house, baby diapers, cream to put on before wearing the new diaper, wipes
  • Pacifiers which comply with orthodontic standards to protect the jaw,
  • milk bottles of large size.
  • A nipple which comply with orthodontic standards and has the right flow (slow, medium and fast).
  • Sterilizing choice of a boiling pot, antimicrobial solutions or microwave/steam sterilizer.  , A Water heater and brushes to clean the bottles,
  • baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby sponge, baby tub, soft towels, water temperature thermometer, Special soap for washing the baby’s cloth, Nose suction , and soft hair comb and brush.