Bathing your newborn

Baby bath
  • Preparing the changing area: You have to choose a place that is safe and clean. Then you have to prepare the tools that you will use because it is not safe to leave the baby un-attended to go get a tool that you forgot to prepare. You can use a baby tub or a regular tub. Water should be warm and not hot, you can measure it with special water thermometers or with your elbow or wrist.
  • Take off the baby’s clothes slowly while holding him closely to give him a sense of security.
  • Put the baby in the tub slowly while holding him firmly with one hand and holding the bathing cloth or towel with the other hand. Start by washing from top first to bottom last. You can use special shampoos and soaps.
  • When you finish lift the baby out and cover him well with his towel and leave the bathing tools for a later time.
  • Put a new diaper and dress him well.
  • When the baby sleeps you can clean the bathing tools and the bathroom.