التصنيف: Pregnancy care advice

  • Skin and breast in pregnancy

    Skin and breast in pregnancy

    Skin care Skin changes occur in pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Sometimes there are stretch marks on your stomach, breast, and buttocks. And also there might be darkening in the skin. Use of moisturizing cream daily rich in vitamin E is advised. Also rubbing skin oils on your stretch marks help in decreasing them. Start oiling…

  • Traveling in pregnancy

    Traveling in pregnancy

    Vacation is an exciting thing, you can travel after the first trimester because nausea and fatigue would be less by that time. It is preferable if you wear loose clothes and flat shoes. It is also good to have some snacks for the trip. Please walk every 2 hours to avoid swelling up your legs. Always…

  • Smoking in pregnancy

    Smoking in pregnancy

    It is highly recommended that you do not smoke during pregnancy or to be around smokers. Smoking reduces the capacity of blood to carry oxygen leading to small-for-dates babies and sometimes preterm delivery.

  • Pregnancy Wear

    Pregnancy Wear

    It should be easy to wear, comfortable, putting in mind that your size will increase with time. Underwear is preferred to be from cotton. Shoes with flat heals are better than high heals. On the contrary to the misconception that high heals results in abortion or premature labor. All what high heals does is adding…

  • Sex in pregnancy

    Sex in pregnancy

    No need to stop sexual activities unless you have a history of previous abortion or premature labor. It is advised to decrease it in the first 3 month where the gestational sac is not yet stable and in the last month as the seminal fluid has elements which cause contractions and might induce premature labor. Sex…

  • Resting in pregnancy

    Resting in pregnancy

    8 hours is the best amount of sleep per day. Sleeping in the afternoon is important too. You may find it hard to lay in bed now because of your growing abdomen or your back pain or even heartburn. You can lay down on your left side as it has been proven that it increases blood…

  • Pregnancy Exercise

    Pregnancy Exercise

    Pregnancy Exercise Exercise allows blood to run more thus pushing more oxygen and nutrients to the baby and to the mother’s muscles. Exercise decrease nausea, back pain, mal digestion, muscle spasms and also nervousness. It increases appetite, muscular power to pelvic muscles promoting easier delivery. Exercise guidelines Consult your doctor for advise on safe exercises.…

  • Pregnancy Nutrition

    Pregnancy Nutrition

    You are pregnant, you are scared to gain much weight and at the same time you want to eat enough for your baby. Nutrition is the golden rule of pregnancy. Some people don’t know what to eat to provide the best for the baby. The food that you eat is transferred to the baby through…