Breast feeding directions

Breast feeding
  • Hold your baby in a way that his abdomen faces yours and his face towards your nipple. You can lift him by one hand where his head lies in your elbow and his bottom with your other hand.

Or You can also lie on your side and hold the baby head towards your breast. The last two are good for women who delivered by cesarean section.

Or You can also place the baby on a pillow and rest your elbow on the same pillow and lift the baby head with your hand.

  • Surround your areola and nipple with index and thumb fingers.
  • Make the baby open its mouth as if yawning by rubbing his lips or mouth with your nipple.
  • As soon as he opens his mouth pull him towards the nipple with your hands and don’t bend yourself towards him.
  • Latching: make sure that your baby took in the whole nipple and most of your areola. If you feel pain then the latching is not correct. Put your finger at the side of his mouth to open it and pull your your nipple and repeat the steps again.
  • After the first few gulps your baby will develop a rhythm of his own. Sometimes the baby sleeps in the middle for a while then continues. If you pull out your nipple and he objects then he wants to continue feeding. If done correctly, it can be a beautiful experience. Younger babies need to be burped after each feed so sit your baby up and support him on your chest or sit him on your legs or lay him across on your legs abdomen down.
  • Rub your baby’s back gently in round circular movements until he burps. If your baby is gaining weight then you must be feeding him or her correctly.

By drashrafsabry

Fertility, Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultant.