Fertility Checkup

dr ashraf sabry Fertility Checkup

A thorough diagnosis is what Dr. Ashraf Sabry is known for . From the first visit a diagnosis plan is formed to provide all information needed to reach a correct diagnosis and then a treatment plan.

How Dr. Ashraf Sabry forms his diagnosis plan ?

  • Asking some questions in the first visit to know the the partner’s age and medical and surgical status and habits and work and lifestyle.
  • Checking the female partner’s ability to produce an egg for pregnancy monthly through hormone and ultrasound checkup of ovulation and ovarian reserve.
  • Checking the uterus readiness to host an embryo through checking the cavity using ultrasound and hysteroscopy or sonosalpingography.
  • Checking the egg ability to reach uterus through fallopian tube through checking the tubal patency by sonosalpingography or laparoscopy.
  • Checking the pelvis for any problems like endometriosis or adhesions using ultrasound or laparoscopy or sonosalpingography.
  • Checking the male partner’s ability to produce enough good sperms and attain a good erection for doing sex through semen analysis and ultrasound

What are the treatment options provided by Dr. Ashraf Sabry?

  • Awareness and providing missing information and correcting wrong ones.
  • Taking medications by one or both partners
  • Performing surgery to one or both partners to correct a problem
  • Providing assisted reproduction techniques which include ovulation induction , IUI or IVF and ICSI.

Dr. Ashraf Sabry , Fertility & OBGYN Consultant is the best infertility treatment specialist due to his use of latest medical recommendations in addition to his experience through multiple years of work and meeting with hundreds of patients.

By drashrafsabry

Fertility, Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultant.