Fetal movement and wellbeing

fetal movement and wellbeing

What is fetal movement?

During 20-22 weeks you should start to feel your first movement which can be like bubbling in your stomach or waves on your abdomen. Fetal movement is an indicator of fetal wellbeing, so it is important that you become aware of it and call your doctor if anytime you feel your baby movement is less than before

What is Biophysical scan?

Ultraosund scan is done to  document the fetus movement : breathing, limb extension, closing and opening of his hands, amniotic fluid volume which is an excellent indicator for placenta function.It can be done 1 or more times per week according to the necessity

What is Non stress test?

A simple non invasive examination which consists of putting two probes on the mother abdomen, one to measure fetal heart rate and the other to measure uterine contraction. The mother presses a button whenever she feels a fetal movement within the 20 minute exam time. The theory is that there should be a deceleration rate and pattern in the fetal heart rate that normally occurs after fetal movement in case of a well oxygenated fetus; if the pattern is not there exams should be done to know if there is a problem due to insufficient placental function, umbilical cord compression or drugs taken by the mother. If the exam results are not comforting prompt delivery should be done.

What is Doppler scan?

a Doppler can detect movement, it can be used to detect blood flow in vessels and is used in certain ultrasound machines while the other type can be used in clinics to hear fetal heart beats (sonic aid).

By drashrafsabry

Fertility, Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultant.