Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy

Performing different types of reproductive surgeries has never been safer or easier than now using the science of laparoscopies or hysteroscopy.

Using a camera installed on a special tube it can be inserted either through the abdomen or the uterus together with special surgical instruments, a whole diagnosis and treatment plan can be performed. The camera transfers the image to a monitor allowing the doctor to see inside live with colors as if doing an open surgery. Also using the special instruments a whole microscopic surgery can be performed safely.

Endoscopies has an advantage over normal open surgeries that there is minimal hospital stay , minimal home stay ,  minimal blood lost and it also provides a cosmetic appearance as there is no wide incisions made and it prevents adhesions formation.

Laparoscopies in addition to their diagnostic abilities in knowing the patency of the tubes and adhesion and endometriosis it can remove fibroids which are outside the uterus body (sub serous) or inside the uterus muscle (intramural). It can remove ovarian cysts or endometriomas ( chocolate cyst) and cauterize polycystic ovaries. It can also cut adhesions and try to free a blocked tube or block a tube with hydrosalpinx. And they can also be used to remove endometriosis patches.

Hysteroscopy in addition to their diagnostic abilities to know any intrauterine lesions they can remove fibroids projecting inside the uterine cavity (sub mucous) , it can also correct any abnormality like uterus septum and also cut adhesions (asherman’s syndrome).

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By drashrafsabry

Fertility, Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultant.