Skin and breast in pregnancy

Skin care in pregnancy

Skin care

Skin changes occur in pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Sometimes there are stretch marks on your stomach, breast, and buttocks. And also there might be darkening in the skin. Use of moisturizing cream daily rich in vitamin E is advised. Also rubbing skin oils on your stretch marks help in decreasing them. Start oiling from your fifth month.

Breast changes

Breast change clearly in pregnancy, it starts to be soft early then it increases in size and hardens by time. Nipples and areola become darker and larger. Breast milk ducts develop towards delivery. Use bras with good lifting and clean your nipples daily with warm water and clean the skin around them with skin oils to prevent stretch marks starting from the fifth month. If you think that your nipple is not visible or flat it will be difficult for the baby to feed. You can do some nipple preparation exercise, press at the base of the nipple to push it out then pull it out and around in a circular soft motion. Do it in a non painful way.

By drashrafsabry

Fertility, Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultant.