Pre Implantation Genetic Diagnosis PGD

What is Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis?

It is a method to check for genetic problems in the embryos before transferring them to the uterus. It is done by extracting a cell from the embryo with special instruments and then studying these cells.

How is Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis done?

  • The woman is thoroughly investigation for ICSI preparation and to eliminate any known causes for failure
  • An ovarian stimulation protocol is custom tailored for her and started
  • Her follicle number and size and uterine lining is monitored by ultrasound and hormone testing
  • When follicles and uterine lining reach adequate size another medicine is added to induce ovulation
  • At a specific time in the hospital her follicles will be aspirated using a special needle installed on the vaginal ultrasound.
  • The eggs are then fertilized with the male sperm and left in a special incubator which has the same atmosphere as the inside of a uterus and they are checked at a specific timetable to monitor the division of the cells.
  • At a specific time the shell around the developing embryo is opened by laser machines and a professional specialist takes out a cell without harming the rest of the embryo.
  • This cell is then studied for its genetic characteristics which involves knowing the genetic diseases that it carries.
  • At a specific time embryos needed are replaced inside the uterus using special catheters and under supervision of ultrasound while the other embryos are cryopreserved or disregarded.
  • The female is then asked to perform a pregnancy test after 14 days to know the results of her operation.

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