What happens after delivery

After delivery

Puerperium period (return to pre pregnancy time) is usually from 6- 8 weeks after labor. It involves body organs returning to their original state.

  • Emotional changes: Some mothers experience post delivery depression or stress. It is usually due to the sense that they are now responsible and life won’t be the same again. Responsibility can sometimes be heavy but on the other side a baby in your life is something cheerful for sure. Your husband can help you by giving you time to sleep and rest and help with house work. He can even encourage you and also take you out every now and then.
  • General care: You will start to loose weight after labor. You need extra  calories and certain nutrients to maintain successful lactation and for your body to heal. You are also advised to do some walking as early as possible.
  • Uterus: After labor the uterus starts to return to its original size  before pregnancy. It might be associated with minor contractions and it will reduce in frequency by time.
  • Urine: There will be frequency of urination as the body is trying to get rid of extra fluids, and at the same time urine will be constipated. A woman is encouraged to urinate every 6 hours.
  • Intestine and bowel: you will be viable to constipation in the first period of time, you can overcome that by eating vegetables and fruits and some laxatives.
  • Skin care and stretch marks and chloasma (skin darkening): the stretch marks change color from red to bright silver and chloasma lightens up.
  • First menstrual period after labor: It differs from one woman to another. It can extend from few weeks to a whole year. A lactating woman can have her periods later than a non-lactating woman.
  • Sexual relations: Sometimes after labor there would be a wound  (especially if episiotomy is made) and some pain and vaginal discharges. The mother also would not be psychological ready to resume her sexual life again. With time those symptoms heal and then she can try the first relation. Till that happens continue sharing your support with your husband.
  • Family planning: family planning and contraception are discussed with the doctor in the first visit after delivery.
  • Post delivery exercises: You are advised to start exercising early.
    • Sleep on your back with your knees bent , raise your head and shoulders with your arms towards your knees then come back (Repeat 5-10 times )
    • Sleep on your back with your knees bent , raise your hips up and keep it for 30 seconds then return back ( Repeat 5-10 times)
    • Sleep on your back with your knees bent , push your leg forward then up and move your sole front and back then return it again , repeat with your other leg( Repeat 5-10 times)