It is the extensive vaginal contraction with any sexual touch preventing or even vaginal inspection. After meeting with the patient and discussing her issue and figuring out the cause solutions are offered which include psychological support or botox injections in certain pelvic floor muscles and training to use special dilators till total recovery. Dr. Ashraf…

Vaginal Tightening

The vagina is an elastic organ but sometimes it looses its elasticity due to : Age Repeated vaginal labor Vaginal surgeries Obesity Body nature and genetics Loosing the elasticity can lead to problems like : Urinary incontinence Vaginal dryness Problems enjoying sex Problems in the general looks of the area Dr Ashraf performs operations to…

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Online Clinic

Our “Online Clinic” program gives you the opportunity to have a consultation and treatment by Dr. Ashraf sabry from your house in any country you are using the internet to deliver messages and investigation files and treatment options easily. How do you join our Online Clinic program? You contact our website asking to join our program…


Dr. Ashraf Sabry , Fertility & OBGYN Consultant is the best doctor in his field due to his use of latest medical recommendations in addition to his experience formed through multiple years of work and testimonials of hundreds of his patients. He helps build your family by treating fertility problems، pregnancy care and by providing care…

Dr.Ashraf Sabry Fertility , IVF , Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultant

We build your family by treating infertility, prenatal follow up and care for your health using latest medical guidelines. Why do patients choose us? We are unique because we adopt and regularly update the latest medical recommendations by topmedical authorities in all our diagnosis and treatment plans to ensure the results in a fast and accurate way.…

Women’s Health Book

Due to the special nature of the fragile women body, from fluctuating hormones to the burdens of delivery and child bearing, special attention has been given to the most common concerns during the reproductive age and post menopausal age…. Namely infections, cancers, abnormal bleeding, prolapse, pelvic pain, and menopause . Here we will give a brief…

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Medical videos prepared by Dr. Ashraf Sabry in the science of fertility, obstetrics and gynecology.


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